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Coffee table book Gucci

Coffee table book Gucci

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Little book of Gucci.

A beautifully illustrated edition about the legendary Italian fashion house Gucci and its special designs.

The beautifully illustrated 'Little Book of Gucci' tells the story of one of the oldest Italian fashion brands, the legendary brand Gucci. Karen Homer writes the story of this historic and thriving fashion house. Gucci's signature items such as the bag and belt transcend fleeting fashion trends. Under the direction of Tom Ford, Gucci embodied the seedy and mischievous aesthetic of the 1990s. Today, the T-shirts, bags and belts are still in high demand and have become a cult brand.

Nice as a coffee table book

Color: Gold
Size: 19 x 13 x 2 cm
Material: Hard cover
Publication date: September 2020
Number of pages: 160
Title: Little book of Gucci
Author: Karen Homer
Publisher: Kosmos Publishers

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