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Amber cubes Original 2

Amber cubes Original 2

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These special Moroccan amber cubes, composed of vegetable extracts, are made according to an age-old traditional recipe.

Put them in the wardrobe, in the bathroom, between the bed linen, etc. They perfume every room. Delicious!
It can also be rubbed on the skin, or use a small piece in a perfume burner.
Has the smell diminished? Then scrape off a layer. They will smell wonderful again!

Put some shavings in the vacuum cleaner and the whole house will smell great!
Place them in the desired space on a nice decorative dish.
Packed per 2 pieces.

Note: The odor blocks are greasy, which can cause stains on materials or clothing. It is therefore preferable to use a dish, bag or container so that the block never comes into direct contact with other materials.
Keep the blocks away from children!

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