Je huis inrichten? Zo moet het dus NIET!

Furnish your house? So it should NOT be!

This way you prevent these 4 common interior mistakes.

Trash Collection

Let your interior radiate tranquility and cosiness. Too much decoration can be overwhelming and cause unrest.

Do you recognize yourself in this? Gather all troops! It's time for a clean-up.

Home decoration trends

Fluorescent lighting

This is what we are most allergic to! Lighting is an important mood maker in the house. So leave out those bright “TL beams” and replace them with an attractive table and/or floor lamp. These lamps create coziness at home.

Storage in sight

This mistake is often made. Create a storage space out of sight or make sure you have a closet that you can close.

Have you bought handy bins to store your things? Use this and do n't make a "dump spot" of your open cupboard or wall shelf.

Are you also one of those people who walks through the house with clutter, sees an empty space in your open cupboard and thinks: I'll put my clutter here. So! That has been cleaned up? Fie!

Home decoration for your open closet

❌Blank Walls

Nice all that furniture, but don't forget your walls! It is one of the interior mistakes that is made all too often: leaving the walls empty.

This can of course be because you haven't found that one cool eye-catcher yet or because you drilling fear get those freshly painted walls. The result: bare, dull and above all impersonal walls. While it is precisely those cool prints, photos and works of art that make the room completely you.

Below are a few "wall tips":

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